Resigrip surfacing

Resigrip surfacing, it does the job!

Our Resigrip surfacing certainly works. Situated on a slope within a country park this site takes a fair bit of abuse. It is a popular walking and cycling route with many horse riders and the occasional illegal motorbike too!

We were as interested as Cheshire East Council to see how this decorative surface would hold up to all these users. We are pleased to say that this photograph was taken 3 years after Resigrip was applied to a tarmac wearing course and it is still holding together nicely. You will see a little wear at the entrance where foot traffic is concentrated but that is to be expected with a semi bound surface.

Cheshire East selected the surface for its aesthetic properties. It was perfect for the location and appeared as a loose gravel surface when in actual fact it is semi bound.

Resibond is a division of Landscape Engineering Ltd along with Playscape Engineering. The surfaces supplied are wide ranging from stone aggregate to rubber mulch and combined with the quality resin provide a hard wearing surface.

Surface wear can be re patched as required to maintain the uniformity and the surface does provide non slip properties. However remember excessive water can wash off loose gravel and give the appearance of a non uniform surface. If uniformity is required we would recommend Resibond trowel applied system to a depth of around 18mm. This is a mixed system that is raked and troweled onto a solid sub base which can be concrete/tarmac etc. Different primers are required for surfaces and our specialist contractors can advise on applications.

Resibond has SUDS properties and are excellent for free draining surfaces thus helping water to naturally permeate through the ground and soak-away slowly thus relieving run off and flooding. Check out the SUDS technology hereĀ

Posted by Nick Riley on 21st Sep, 2018