Aireville Park, Skipton

Client: HAGS UK
Value: £200,000

Using the existing landscape to create an inspiring space for all generations. 

This project at Aireville Park in Skipton allowed us to work closely with HAGS, Craven District council who co-ordinated the project and Friends of Aireville Park who raised most of the funds. The aim was to bring together people from the local area and create a space that can be used for the benefit of the community. The playground gives local children, of all abilities, plenty of opportunities to play and socialise.

We installed of a variety of surfacing which provides several different experiences for the children, from wet pour, play chip, sand and Eco Mulch. As a result, sensory play and the choice of equipment challenges users from the ages of 2 all the way up to 12. The design of the layout provides natural progression through the site as the children’s ability grows.

Our amazing team has done some incredible work, the highlights of which can be seen here.

“We made sure this a play area the local children really wanted, whilst having lots of play value within”.
Sharon Hudson, Craven District Council